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December 2018- Promos!

December 3 through December 13, 2018 – Holiday Sale

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November 29 through December 10, 2018 – 12 Days of Fitness Social Media Campaign

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December 17 through December 31, 2018 – Additional Holiday Offer

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November 2018- Power Yoga


Expand your energy and raise your sense of personal power with power yoga, the athletic and dynamic style of yoga that delivers high intensity and quick results. In Power Yoga: Strength, Sweat, and Spirit, you will learn the poses, practices, and philosophy of this fitness- and focus-boosting training method to strengthen your body and awaken your spirit.

This potent practice is a complete workout on its own, but it also offers tremendous benefits when combined with other workouts and sports. In addition to physical strength, stamina, and flexibility, the dynamic movements of power yoga challenge you to develop focus, balance, and purpose that extend to life beyond the yoga mat. To see more click here

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October 2018- The New Power Eating

ISB: 9781492567264


The New Power Eating delivers a science-based nutrition plan that explains what to eat and when and how to customize your diet for your physique, performance, and energy needs. This is the authoritative guide for athletes that who regularly train and/or participate in strength training or sports that require power and strength. To see more click here


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September 2018- Yoga for Athletes

ISB: 9781492522614


The ultimate yoga resource for athletes offers instruction on improving strength, flexibility, and balance in any sport or activity. Packed with full-color photos, the book demonstrates poses, breathing, and guided visualization to elevate sport performance. To see more click here





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