CAC Coaching Research Committee

The CAC Coaching Research Committee was established in 2005 to assist the CAC with developing a formal research program and to create a stronger link between university-based research and CAC programs and services. Details on the mandate and membership of the committee are outlined below.



The Committee’s mandate is:

  • To develop a CAC research strategy.
  • To review issues raised by program development and delivery groups and to present a ‘research’ perspective on these issues.
  • To act as a ‘think tank’ group to identify and clarify research needs within the coaching field.
  • To develop requests for research proposals and to adjudicate proposals.
  • To encourage a broad range of research activities on coaching.
  • To organise the annual research symposium (during Petro-Canada Sport Leadership sportif conference in the fall).
  • To provide a forum where researchers and practitioners can share research needs and agendas, and disseminate results.

Members of the Committee are:

  • Dr. Kim Dorsch (University of Regina, chair)
  • Dr. Bettina Callary (Cape-Breton University)
  • Dr. Darren Kruisselbrink, (Acadia University)
  • Jean Fournier (Institut national du sport du Québec)


  • Dr. Diane Culver (University of Ottawa), Secretary
  • Jocelyn East (Sport Canada)
  • Claudia Gagnon (CAC consultant)


Four university-based researchers selected through an application process (balanced as to geography, language, and sex), one of whom shall be the committee chair.


  • One four-year term with the possibility of renewal for one term.
  • The Chair, after discussion with the members of the Research Committee, will accept or not accept to renew an individual’s term.
  • After one year of not being a member of the CAC-RC, a person can reapply.
  • If someone leaves in the middle of a term – the person who replaces them shall finish that four-year term with the possibility of renewal for one term.
  • The person acting as Chair can stay on the Research Committee for three, four-year terms. His/her renewal should be discussed and approved by the members of the Research Committee.


The committee will meet twice annually, once at the Petro-Canada Sport Leadership sportif conference in the fall, and once in the spring. As well, conference calls are held as needed, usually about three per year.