On the power of vulnerability

I am currently reading BrenĂ© Brown’s ‘Daring Greatly’, and I think it has a really powerful message that is relevant to coaching, and can spark self reflection. In essence, the main message of the book (as I interpreted it), is that ‘daring greatly’ is to step outside our comfort zone and be willing to share vulnerability with those around us in order to create a better work/family/sports team culture that encourages growth.

I believe this notion is highly relevant to coaching. Too often, coaches are not willing to ‘dare greatly’ or be vulnerable for fear that others will question their authority as a coach. We as coaches feel the need to “know everything” to garner respect from others. However, I look up to coaches who recognize that they don’t know everything, and are willing ask questions, or seek out other experts to be a part of their team, so that they can focus on what exactly they are good at.

For example, pro hockey coaches do not take responsibility for all aspects related to training for hockey, they have hired experts in several areas such as nutrition, sport psychology, or strength and conditioning so that they can focus on coaching the game.

I would encourage all coaches to use this as an opportunity to reflect and ask yourself if you are willing to recognize you don’t know everything, or if you have put up an ‘armour’ of sorts to protect yourself from experiencing any vulnerability. Finally, to spur on further reflection I would recommend reading the book itself!

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