Coaches are vital community leaders that should foster athlete’s passion for sport and physical activity. A coach can can instill life lessons and help an athlete realize their potential in sport. A good coach is one who has confidence and this confidence is gained through coach education experiences. Having a trained coach improves the quality of sport.

The Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) commits to raising skills, stature of coaches, and expanding the reach and influence of coaches. The CAC “empowers coaches with knowledge and skills, promotes ethics, fosters positive attitudes, builds competence, and increases the credibility and recognition of coaches” through the National Coaches Certification Program (NCCP).

Be a Coach

Have you always wanted to be a coach? Want to learn the basics? Learn how to make a practice place with the Coaching Association of Canada free online tool.

Sport Specific Training

Wanting to become a sport specific coach? CAC has an online resource to find the coaching information right for you!

Responsible Coach

Become a responsible by taking the online information module by the CAC and the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport.

Commit to Kids

Commit to Kids is committed to child-serving organizations reduce the risk of sexual abuse and create safer environments for children in their care. They provide a tailor Commit to Kids resource for sporting organizations to keep kids safe in sport.

The information covered includes coach-athlete relationship, guidelines for interactions between adults and athletes, as well as how to report inappropriate behaviour and child sexual abuse.

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