Education and Coach Development

NCCP Certification

What is the difference between the old NCCP system and the new streams? The old NCCP was a hierarchical based system. It conisted of levels (1, 2, 3…) with technical, practical and theory based courses and evaluations at each level. The new NCCP has been specifically designed to train coaches to be able to meet the needs of the participants/athletes they are working with. The new structure of the NCCP is based on the participants’ needs, which are identified within three streams:
  1. Community Sport
  2. Competition
  3. Instruction
The new NCCP model defines a coach as:
  • In training when some required training has been completed
  • Trained when all required training is complete.
  • Certified when all training and evaluation requirements have been met.
To become certified in a coaching context, coaches must be evaluated on their demonstrated ability to perform within that context in areas such as program design, practice planning, performance analysis, program management, ethical coaching, support to participants during training and support to participants in competition. Contact your Provincial Sport Organization for specifics on coach training, certification and workshops. For other NCCP related questions, contact the Coaching Association of Canada.

Coaching Enhancement Program

The Coaching Enhancement Program (CEP) is a ground breaking initiative built and delivered by Canada’s high performance partners that makes a long-term commitment to the development of coaches from Olympic and Paralympic targeted sports and sport disciplines. Through a historic assessment initiative and a commitment to targeted development opportunities, the CEP will arm Canada’s coaches with the skills necessary to fulfill Canada’s potential at the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The CEP provides support to NSOs in their commitment to assess and develop their leading senior coaches as well as those who show the potential to rise to the top. Olympic and Paralympic NSOs nominate coaches to be effectively assessed and to receive cutting edge development support. Strategically, the CEP will target those sports and their coaches that have the very best chance to deliver podium success.

Advanced Coaching Diploma

The Advanced Coach Diploma is a coach driven, expert led, peer enriched, and mentor supported coach education program. The program is ideal for coaches working along the high performance pathway who want access to cutting-edge, sport-science research and information, the opportunity to work alongside top coaches and mentors, and who desire to be a more effective coach. This competency-based adult learning experience is delivered both in person and online through the Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Sport Institute Network. Target Coaches:
  • National Training Centre coaches and targeted next-gen coaches;
  • NSO-identified coaches with potential to be coaches of high performance athletes;
  • Post-secondary institution coaches (U SPORTS, NCAA, CCAA);
  • Personal coaches of identified athletes;
  • Canada Games and provincial team coaches; and
  • Club coaches of highly ranked clubs and self-made/entrepreneurial coaches.
For more information, please contact Jason Sjostrom, Director of the National Coaching Institute Calgary at 403-220-8197 or by email at
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