About Us

Coach Alberta was founded to support, connect, develop, inform, and advocate for coaches in Alberta.

We are a small group of volunteers passionate about coaching and improving Sport Performance in Alberta. We believe that good coaching and good programs are two of the critical pillars necessary for successful sport performance.

Our organization is geared to improve interaction, cross-sport pollination, mentoring opportunities and coach education events/opportunities to move coaches to a higher level of competency.

Our Mission

To promote sport performance excellence by Alberta coaches.

Our Vision

An Alberta coaching environment of excellence that engages coaches in advancing sport performance.

Our Guiding Values

Coach Centered – Athlete Focused


What if coaches were measured not by wins and losses, but by the personal growth of their athletes?

Learn how coaches can promote social and emotional skills with their athletes: https://t.co/r2ueM04V5V @AspenInstSports #CallsForCoaches

How important is a youth sports coach? The best ones engender and reinforce a love of the game; young people play -happily- for a long time. Others drive kids who used to love their sport away from the game, disheartened and discouraged. Bottom line: coaches are very important.

ABA would like to congratulate Robyn Fleckenstein named @ACAC_Sport Women's North Divison πŸ€ Coach of the Year & Neil Nystrom named @ACAC_Sport Men's South Divison πŸ€ Coach of the Year!!

Both Robyn & Neil will be head coaches for Team Alberta this summer!

#TeamAB https://t.co/1r9ZW8pHOB
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