About Us

Coach Alberta was founded to support, connect, develop, inform, and advocate for coaches in Alberta.

We are a small group of volunteers passionate about coaching and improving Sport Performance in Alberta. We believe that good coaching and good programs are two of the critical pillars necessary for successful sport performance.

Our organization is geared to improve interaction, cross-sport pollination, mentoring opportunities and coach education events/opportunities to move coaches to a higher level of competency.

Our Mission

To promote sport performance excellence by Alberta coaches.

Our Vision

An Alberta coaching environment of excellence that engages coaches in advancing sport performance.

Our Guiding Values

Coach Centered – Athlete Focused


Question for all #coaches following us: Do you know of any good sport and physical activity programs in Canada that are offered to kids at low-cost or free? We're making a list!👍 #physed #coaching

Coaches, don’t miss your chance to check out this exciting event hosted by @satherclinic! https://t.co/SCL4lWs6mF
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Glen Sather Clinic @satherclinic
Please join us for a full-day conference on Sept. 28 to learn about exercise as medicine, rehab after ACL surgery, strengthening and conditioning, lower limb compartment syndrome, blood flow restriction, the importance of sleep and more! Register: https://t.co/Xqnn5XHLPR https://t.co/haUwS9vwD6

Interesting article from @coachjohnnyo!

“We have turned our attention away from developing excellence in our athletes, and now only focus on immediate success” https://t.co/YMTqb8Jowl

My learnings/reminders from my Performance Coaching course. Applicable to much more than sport I'd say... https://t.co/oB3sXfQkhg CoachAlberta photo

What are the most popular #sports in Canada? And what benefits do people get from playing their favourite sports? Check out our new infographic to find out! https://t.co/Cwa6yCNULp #SportCanada https://t.co/uBYdUIE9iw CoachAlberta photo